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I unknowingly discovered the works of Mark Di Suvero at the entrance of UMMA. Before entering, I was greeted by two enormous sculptural pieces that appeared to be made of scrap metal and steel. The first, my favorite, was a very rustic looking loopy heap of metal that featured a section that was seemingly able to swing.  The other, was colored a bold orange and like the other, featured a lot of loops and angular lines. However, I wasn’t able to locate a tag of some sort to inform me of the artist. It wasn’t until I stepped into a room with the words “Mark Di Suvero: Tabletops” printed above the door that I made the connection.  Each table was adorned with pieces that looked like miniature versions of the hefty works outside.

After a bit of research, I learned that Di Suvero, is an internationally renowned sculptural artist known for his massive architectural works made of salvaged materials and industrial steel.  


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